Power: A+
Finesse: A+
13m @ 158cm
1450g @ 158cm

Liberty Genesis 90

As we have often observed, the interests of the off-trail skier and the preferences of the fairer sex converge in that both parties want lighter weight that doesn’t compromise performance. And so we find the Liberty Genesis 90 perched among the leaders for Finesse properties in a genre that prizes off-piste proficiency. Even though the Genesis 90 earned estimable Power scores as well, it’s fair to say that its principal appeal is the ease with which it travels off-trail. Liberty founder and ski designer Dan Chalfant made a few tweaks to the Genesis 90 for 2019, most notably a lower tip rocker “for more immediate tip edge engagement,” and the substitution of Paulownia for poplar. The modifications make the Genesis 90 the lightest ski in the women’s AME genre.

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