2017 Nordica GT 84 Ti EVO

Ski Stats

Sidecut 134/84/114
Radius 15.5m @ 174cm
Lengths 162,168,174,180
Weight TK
MSRP $1099
Power Score: 8.71
Finese Score: 8.62
There are moments in life when you recognize an instant rapport, be it after a few minutes of dinner party banter or when you sink into the first few arcs of an inaugural run and your skis respond as if your connection were telepathic. This is how the new Nordica GT 84 Ti EVO introduces itself, as accommodating as the most obsequious servant, unassumingly tearing the mountain to ribbons while ferrying its master, unperturbed, to the end of the gravity stream. Before this season, no one could have ever skied the GT 84 Ti EVO as none existed, yet taking it for a spin feels like coming home.

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