2017 Blizzard Gunsmoke

Ski Stats

Sidecut 140/114/130
Radius 22m @ 186cm
Lengths 179.186, 193
Weight 2290g @ 186cm
MSRP $840
Power Score: 7.46
Finese Score: 7.89
If you are an aficionado of twin-tip design, then the Blizzard Gunsmoke is your kind of ski. Characteristic of the genre, the Gunsmoke maintains a loose connection to the snow whether it’s soft or hard. Compared to the down-the-fall-line orientation of the Bodacious, the Gunsmoke is a swivel stick. But compared to many other twin tips, the Gunsmoke is a paradigm of stability. It pushes piles of set-up crud aside like a super villain parting a crowd of civilians. Skis 114mm wide at the waist aren’t particularly easy to hoist up to a high edge, but if you have the skills to get the Gunsmoke there, it holds.

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