2023 K2 K2 Mindbender 89 Ti W

Ski Stats

Sidecut 130/89/113
Radius 13.1m @ 164cm
Lengths 146,152,158,164,170
Weight 1756.5g @ 164cm
MSRP $850
The first Mindbender Ti collection, introduced in the pre-pandemic 19/20 season, adopted the Titanal Y-Beam construction developed for the women’s Mindbender 88 Ti Alliance for the entire Mindbender Ti clan, men’s models included. This year’s re-design focused on re-shaping the Y-Beam from end to end, adding more metal just behind the forward contact point for more secure turn initiation, running edge-to-edge underfoot and substantially expanding the width of the Ti laminate at the end of the Y-Beam’s “handle,” so the edge won’t wash out under sustained pressure. In the 2023 men’s (a.k.a. unisex) Mindbender 89 Ti, our testers awarded the new model substantially higher scores than its predecessor, boosting it near the top of our Finesse ranks. While we don’t have a trophy for “Most Improved New Model,” if we did, it would go the Mindbender 89 Ti. The women’s version is cut from the same cloth, so it stands to reason that it, too, will be noticeably better at, well, everything. K2 claims that its changes to the Y-Beam configuration were intended to make the Mindbenders more accessible to lower skill skiers, but the more palpable effect is how the new Titanal Y-Beam appeals to the other end of the skills spectrum.
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