2022 Head Kore 93

Ski Stats

Sidecut 133/93/115
Radius 16.4m @ 177cm
Lengths 156,163,170,177,184,191
Weight 1614g @ 177m
MSRP $750
Power Score: 8.66

Finesse Score: 8.76

The reason the market hasn’t been awash in lightweight skis since the dawn of time is because mass is part of what makes a ski damp, or able to absorb vibration. Lighter weight formulae have been tried for decades, always with the lamentable downside that they couldn’t hold an edge any better than Florence Foster Jenkins could hold a note. Then along came the Kore 93, shattering preconceptions about a lightweight ski’s ability to perform at an elite level. The Kore 93 was universally praised the moment it hit the market. The 21/22 incarnation is better than ever, with a few subtle changes that together give the new Kore 93 superior snow feel. Along with the new flex pattern and more wood in its guts, all the Kores changed their size run, so length selection can be more targeted. The 21/22 Kore 93 comes in six sizes, from a teensy 156cm to a beastly 191cm. Capping the changes across the Kore collection is a chamfered top edge with two welcome benefits: the ski can be foot-steered laterally with less resistance and the top surface is less likely to be damaged above the edge, where it’s most vulnerable to wear and tear. At some point, you stop noticing how light the Kore 93 is and just enjoy the ride. There’s nothing to adapt to; you just ski. It’s the epitome of forgiveness and ease, the qualities for which it earned its highest marks.

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