2020 Head Kore 99

Ski Stats

Sidecut 133/100/121
Radius 21.3m @ 177cm
Lengths 162,171,180,189
Weight 1780g @ 180cm
MSRP $800
Many lifelong skiers are familiar with the decidedly mixed history of lightweight skis. Anyone who wants to re-visit the dubious joys of a stripped-down ski can always hop on a $399 package ski. Suffice it to say, you’ll learn quickly to keep your speed in check. So I suspect most veteran testers who try a Head Kore model for the first time carry with them a hint of suspicion. You can tell in the hand that they’re lighter than the typical wood-and-metal make-up usually found at the top of this popular genre. Will a noticeably lighter ski like the Kore 99 measure up to the standard set by powerful skis like the Bonafide, MX99, M5 Mantra and Enforcer 100? Yes, indeed. The Kore 99 annihilates every negative ever associated with lightweight skis. Lightness doesn’t’ affect its grip or stability, which is nearly on a par with the metal-laden i.Rally. It holds a medium-radius turn without a hitch, delivering effortless power usually associated with a more traditionally built ski. For the Kore 99 is anything but traditional and a significant departure from Head’s customary wood and metal constructions. The Kore’s principal components are Graphene, Koroyd and Karuba, a lightweight wood often found in backcountry models. The Graphene does the heavy lifting in terms of distributing pressure along a flex pattern that provides the feedback experts expect from a high performance ski.

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