2017 Stockli Laser AX

Ski Stats

Sidecut 123/78/110
Radius 15.8m in 175cm
Lengths 159,167,175.183
Weight TK
MSRP $1149
Power Score: 9.40
Finese Score: 8.68
How to describe perfection? Is it a list of all the ingredients the perfect thing contains? Is it the meticulous construction that assembles all the pieces into a fluid whole? Is it the action the product makes possible, the interconnection between man, snow and gravity? It’s all of these elements, of course, but to Matt Finnegan of Footloose, perfection entails the alchemy to make their amalgam evaporate, leaving only sensation behind. “This ski just disappears underneath the skier,” he marvels, capturing the sense of unfettered freedom the Laser AX inspires. Nothing is impossible on an invisible ski.