2022 K2 Mindbender 99 Ti

Ski Stats

Sidecut 138/99/123
Radius 18.5m @ 184cm
Lengths 170,177,184,191
Weight 2226g @ 184cm
MSRP $850
Power Score: 8.18

Finesse Score: 8.30

The personality profile of the Mindbender 99 Ti can be traced directly to the Ti Y-Beam, its principal structural component. As if often the case, Titanal laminates have such a profound effect on torsional rigidity and vibration damping that both its presence and its absence are palpably evident. In the Mindbender 99 Ti, wherever the Ti goes, Power properties follow; where it’s excised, Finesse facility blooms in its absence. The forward prongs of the Y-Beam yoke travel over the edge, so at the top of the turn early tip pressure is rewarded with engagement at the earliest contact point. Through the critical mid-section, the Y-Beam expands edge-to-edge for max torsional rigidity before retreating to the center of the ski in the tail. Its edge grip underfoot derives from the wall-to-wall section of the “Y” pattern, sticking to any surface that will hold snow, then relaxing its grip through the bottom of the turn. This creates a built-in micro-drift that helps the tail release and keeps it pliable in manky bumps. No ski will feel easy if it can’t grip on hard snow, so K2 attaches an insurance policy in the guise of a slender, separate core and sidewall combo that sits astride the Mindbender 99 Ti midsection. Dubbed Powerwall, its bonus standheight and damping multiply any force applied from above, amplifying the skier’s efforts. It’s a classic K2 embellishment, reducing the exertion required of the skier without compromising the result.

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