2024 K2 Mindbender 99Ti

Ski Stats

Sidecut 134/99/120
Radius 19.6m @ 184cm
Lengths 166,172,178,184,190
Weight 2200.2g @ 184cm
MSRP $749.95
Power Score: 8.73

Finesse Score: 9.02

Of all the new models introduced last season, K2’s Mindbender 99Ti took by far the greatest leap up in our standings, a stratospheric orbit it wasn’t able to sustain this year as new data knocked it back a few notches. But the slight dip in scores doesn’t negate the two crucial facts: 1) the Mindbender 99 Ti version 2.0 represents a vast improvement over its original incarnation, and 2) it’s one of the best AMW Finesse skis of its era. Driving the 2023 Mindbender 99Ti’s ascension to the top rung of the Finesse ladder was a re-design of the ski’s signature feature, Titanal Y-Beam. It’s still shaped like a futuristic slingshot, with the forks of the yoke running up each side of the forebody, a wall-to-wall stretch underfoot and a centered tail section.  K2 fiddled with the size and shape of the forward forks so the ski hooks up earlier and with more authority, but it’s the transformation of the Y-Beam’s tail design that contributes the most to the Mindbender 99Ti’s newfound tranquility on edge. Not many skiers lose sleep thinking about the effects of tail design on turning accuracy, especially in a nation where carving a full turn is a dying art, but the palpable improvement created by a more supportive tail in the Mindbender 99Ti proves that everything that goes into a ski - from tip to tail - affects the total result. The new model earned higher marks in every single criterion, not just turn finish or stability at speed, which one would expect to be enhanced by a beefier tail.  On average, its Finesse scores were even higher than its boffo Power scores, indicating that the new Mindbender 99Ti not only has a higher ceiling than any K2 AMW model in recent memory, it also manages to have a lower floor. “This Mindbender goes for everything and comes up aces,” enthuses Mark Rafferty from Peter Glenn. The 99mm width is great for the rare powder day, but the selective use of Titanal allows it to grip and rip on hard pack. I always felt in total control. Fun in all conditions,” he concludes.
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