Power: A-
Finesse: B
16.7m @ 170cm
2048g @ 170cm

Monster 83 Ti

Because all the Monsters, and especially the 83, were constructed like elite carving skis (or detuned race skis, take your pick), the 83 Ti is still a great fit for its category while its wider kin – always anachronisms in their respective genres – are extinct. In recent years, Head has tinkered with the 83 Ti’s tip shape and contact point, but it didn’t change its attitude or aptitude one bit. It still skis unmistakably like a wood-and-metal ski, even if Graphene is part of its formula. In this lay-up, the Graphene isn’t used as much for its infinitesimal mass as for its ability to soften the flex at tip and tail relative to the middle. Once upon a time, all Monsters had the same MSRP, which made some sense as all were made from the same recipe. Now that the aging Monsters have lost most of their sales mojo to the ascendant Kore series, Head has ratcheted up the 83 Ti’s cost/value relationship by lowering its price. No other ski with this rich a construction sells for so few simoleans.

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