Power: A+
Finesse: A+
16.3m @ 176cm
1943g @ 176cm

Kästle MX84

No other non-race ski handles speed with such suavity. As one’s aura of invincibility grows with every immaculate turn, so does the temptation to amp up the acceleration. Just what the MX84 was waiting for. It’s fully cambered baseline and classic, wood/metal/glass construction is made to respond to speed. No matter how fast you go, the MX84 seems to have a power reserve that will allow you to go even faster if you have the cajones. Its serenity on edge is unwavering on any snow at any speed, although hard snow and high speeds are its bread and butter. Of course it will make short-radius turns, particularly in its shorter lengths, but it’s like asking American Pharaoh to pull a plow. “For someone with the skills, getting this ski to do what you want is effortless,” sighs Amy from Footloose.

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