2017 K2 Pinnacle 118

Ski Stats

Sidecut 145/118/135
Radius 23m @ 184cm
Lengths 177.184,191
Weight 2330g @ 184cm
MSRP $1000
Power Score: 9.14

Finesse Score: 9.21

If memory serves, Seth Morrison was the first freeride athlete to have a signature model. He’s been flying the K2 flag for over two decades, often upside down into a crevice of powder surrounded by a rock garden. After a jaw-dropping aerial entry, Seth doesn’t clear out the bottom of couloirs with a sideways smudge but skis a clean line using classic technique. Just as Morrison is a remarkable hybrid of Old School skills and New School bravura, his ski, the Pinnacle 118, is responsive to conventional, directional ski technique despite an amply rockered baseline. There’s no need to adapt your style to fit the ski or the situation; just aim at the deepest pile of snow you can find and go get it.

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