Power: A-
Finesse: A-
16.5m @ 175cm
1800g @ 175m

Fischer Pro MT 86 TI

Despite its emphasis on lightweight design, the Pro MT 86 TI is a heavyweight in the carving department. “Excellent carvability!” exulted Sturtevant’s of Sun Valley’s Olin Glenne when he first essayed the ski two seasons ago. “Solid feel, yet quick and very precise,” Glenne added, according the Pro MT 86 TI the distinction of his favorite all-terrain ski for Frontside conditions. All it takes to keep the Pro MT 86 TI in its traces is to keep it on edge, whether a slight edge engagement from an upright stance or a higher edge angle that cuts gashes into the groom. Its bliss is rolling edge to edge at a canter; powder up to knee high is easily defanged by the ski’s tip and tail rocker.

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