2017 Salomon QST 106

Ski Stats

Sidecut 140/106/126
Radius 20.0m @ 181cm
Lengths 167,174,181,188
Weight 1900g @ 181 cm
MSRP $850
Power Score: 8.56

Finesse Score: 8.82

When Salomon concocted the QST line, it didn’t just make one construction cut into 4 different silhouettes; it made 4 distinct skis, each with its own, adapted construction. In our panel’s opinion, the QST 106 is the best among unequals. We don’t just recommend the QST 106; we believe it’s moved to the head of its class in the Big Mountain genre. If you attack the fall line like a German Shepard attacks his dinner, then you’ll probably find one of our Power picks to be preferable. But if you’re like most powder skiers well past their adolescence, you like to enjoy the embrace of every turn, sinking into a sequence of soft swooshes as gently as you’d slip into a warm Jacuzzi.

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