Power: B+
Finesse: A-
17m @177cm
1700g @ 177cm

Salomon QST 92

Salomon’s revised QST 92 is a great model for the first-time ski buyer who is ready to dabble in off-trail skiing. The upgrade applied to the 2019 iteration consists of crosshatching the strands of carbon/flax fiber – Salomon calls it C/FX3 – so the superlight material runs both laterally and longitudinally. The improvement in edge grip is instantly evident, which contributes to an impression of greater agility, rebound and vibration damping. From a terrain preference perspective, the QST 92 is more attuned to life off-trail where its drift-ability helps smooth out the ruffles in irregular terrain. While its on-trail performance is much improved, the QST 92’s more shallow sidecut and lightweight chassis are better adapted to untamed snow than groomers.

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