2022 Fischer Ranger 107 Ti

Ski Stats

Sidecut 139/107/131
Radius 18m @ 182cm
Lengths 175,182,189
Weight 2150g @ 182cm
MSRP $849.99
Power Score: 8.26
Finese Score: 8.14
In 19/20 Fischer re-designed the flagship of its Ranger Ti series, returning to a lay-up with twin Titanal laminates for stability and liberal use of carbon to make it responsive. Carbon inlays in the tip and tail help make the extremities thin and light, so the latest Ranger 107 Ti is easier to foot steer when necessary. “It’s user-friendly but still can be skied aggressively,” notes one admiring tester. “You can take your foot off the gas and it’s still responsive.” Compared to the Ranger 108 Ti that preceded it, the Ranger 107 Ti has a slightly less shapely silhouette and a longer contact zone underfoot, giving it more directional stability and an overall calmer disposition in the sloppy seconds that prevail on so-called powder days. Its new sidecut favors the skier who can maintain momentum through a series of rhythmic, mid-radius turns that neither enter nor exit the turn too suddenly. The Ranger 107 Ti is a Power ski that doesn’t take a lot of Power to handle. Its weight comes in handy both on hard snow, where its Ti laminates are of particular value, and in the kind of crud that bites back. After years of struggling to find the right formula for its off-trail collection, Fischer is showing promising signs of getting its Alpine, in-resort act together.

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