18m @ 179cm
1700g @ 179cm

Fischer Ranger 90 Ti

One of the lightest men’s skis in the All-Mountain East genre, the Ranger 90 Ti makes every effort to trim away extra g’s. The Air Tec Ti wood core mills away sections in an offset pattern that retains strength with less material. You’d expect the Ti suffix to suggest at least one full Titanal sheet, but on the Ranger 90 Ti it’s essentially a binding plate so of course it doesn’t have the same effect. The Carbon Nose further lowers weight in the rockered forebody, so the Rocker 90 skis shorter than it measures. The crew at California Ski Company continues to carry a torch for the Ranger 90 Ti. Owner Greg Whitehouse was thunderstruck by its forgiving nature, as he ebulliently relates his feelings: “I friggin’ love this ski!” gushes Whitehouse, getting to the point. “It does it all and does it easy. Should appeal to a very wide range of skiers from intermediate Level 4 to expert. They ski short so don’t be afraid to go long. Worked well in ice, slush, bumps, at speed and in technical spots – at high edge angles or steering from a “boot clicking” stance – wow. Just wow.” [Actually, that was a little more than just “wow;” you gotta love the enthusiasm.]

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