2017 Blizzard RC Ti

Ski Stats

Sidecut 121/71/104
Radius 14.5m @ 172cm
Lengths 154,160,166,172,178
Weight 1750g @ 172cm
MSRP $960
Power Score: 8.92

Finesse Score: 8.37

The singular trait of the Blizzard RC Ti that sets it apart from other elite Technical skis is the light caress it applies to a short turn. Most powerful carving skis earn their bona fides by being burly trench diggers, ripping up the corduroy carpet with the subtlety of a Sherman tank. Relatively speaking, the RC Ti is a waterbug, creasing the snow surface but not disfiguring it, zipping back and forth with the accuracy of a Chopin étude.

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