Power: A
Finesse: B
18m @ 178cm
2500g @ 178cm

Fischer RC4 The Curv

Racers are well aware of the super-charging effect of elevation, so naturally the by-racers-for-racers The Curv incorporates a two-piece plate that gives the skier extra leverage over the edge. The ski beneath the energy-enhancing Booster plate is a World Cup clone with a more user-friendly sidecut. Titanal sheets and a proprietary carbon weave called Diagotex™ provide the power source; The Curv’s triple-radius sidecut gives it the intense, addictive hook-up action you buy a carving ski for. The short-radius forebody initiates a tight turn the instant it’s tipped, the longer-radius center draws out the belly of the turn while the skier is laid over, and the short-radius tail maintains contact across the fall line.

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