Power: A
Finesse: A-
16m @ 171cm
2075g @ 171cm

Fischer RC4 The Curv DTX

[Neither the RC4 The Curv DTX nor its scores have changed since this review was posted last season.] It’s not unusual for ex-racers to participate in product testing, but it’s rare for a major brand to toss the keys to the R&D department to three former World Cup stars with instructions to build the best ski they can, unconstrained by FIS regulations. Built for high speed at high edge angles, The Curv DTX deploys a triple radius sidecut to accentuate turn entry and exit. This makes it exceptionally agile for such a strong, stable ski. While it’s unabashedly made for experts, The Curv DTX lacks the imposing Booster plate that adorns its stablemate and so is a bit easier to bend at subsonic speeds. The elimination of the Booster plate also opens up the versatility of the ski regarding turn shape and skier style. The Booster all but requires the skier to go all-in on every arc; without it, The Curv DTX feels more playful and willing to carve from a more upright stance.

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