2017 Fischer RC4 Worldcup RC

Ski Stats

Sidecut 115/68/97
Radius 18m @ 175cm
Lengths 165,170.175,180,185
Weight 2200g @ 175cm
MSRP $1100
Power Score: 8.71

Finesse Score: 8.19

If you pay any attention to the World Cup, you might notice that Austrian GS skis are on the podium ad nauseum. The RC4 Worldcup RC isn’t as powerful and fall-line focused as a genuine FIS-sanctioned GS, thank goodness, but it gives us mere mortals a sense of what it would be like to have that level of control and authority. It’s particularly exhilarating to drive through a long, banked turn that can’t be broken loose by boilerplate, wind-blown berms or heavy spring slush.

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