2021 Atomic Redster X9 WB

Ski Stats

Sidecut 125.5/75/109.5
Radius 13.5m @ 168cm
Lengths 152,160,168,176
Weight 3059g @ 168cm
MSRP $1200
Power Score:
Finese Score:
The “WB” in this Redster’s name stands for Wide Body, but by today’s standards its 75mm waist looks painfully corseted. Its sidecut radius is only 13.5m in a 168cm, roughly the dimensions of a World Cup slalom. If the pilot tilts it to a high edge angle, it will tuck into a short-radius turn with the eagerness of a cutting horse cornering a calf. (Note that it earns a 9.0 for short-radius turns, one of the best scores in the category for this bellwether feature.) As long as it isn’t subjected to FIS-level speeds, its fully cambered baseline stays plastered to the snow. If the pilot gives it a little poke in the tail just for grins, it responds with a jolt of energy that carries you weightlessly into the next turn. Well, weightlessly may be a stretch. The Redster X9 WB is hauling around a lot of Titanal in its pudgy frame, enough to keep its SL shape from getting too skittish at GS speeds. Surprisingly easy to ski, the X9 WB feels geared down to accommodate a skilled skier who may no longer be in tip-top race condition. ‘I didn’t know Atomic made a Redster in a recreational ski,” muses Theron Lee. “Great at slower speeds. Its width makes the ski easy to maneuver at lower edge angles without hurting its carving accuracy at higher angles.”

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