Power: A+
Finesse: A+
15.4m @ 159cm
1360g @ 159cm

Elan Ripstick 86 W

Most of our feedback on the Ripstick 86 W came from eastern skiers who had no chance to test it in western off-trail conditions. Considering it was somewhat a fish out of water, its scores are even more remarkable. “I felt very comfortable and confident on this ski, writes one of Willi’s Divas. “For an 86, it carved well on hard pack. Perfect ski for cruising down soft groomed powder as the ski would do most of the work. Nice, light weight too.” A major benefit of a lighter ski is energy conservation, a point not lost on the Diva who wrote, “This was the last ski of the day I tried and I really liked it. Despite being 86 underfoot, I found it skied like a more traditional sidecut ski.”

Full Review with test scores available on members’ site.

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