Power: A+
Finesse: A+
1590g @ 181cm

Elan Ripstick 96

There must be something to this Amphibio deal, an asymmetric forebody that’s rockered above the outside edge and cambered over the inside edge. The Ripstick 96 flows over whatever run lies ahead, be it a rutted backside bump field or the pristine pinstripes of Deer Valley-quality groomage. It never loses its I-can-carve-that attitude, always striving to lay down twin tracks as if every run was down the frontside of Vail. A ski doesn’t attract above average scores unless it brings something extra to the party, which in the case of the Ripstick 96 is a little kick in the tail that scoots it through the turn transition. The boost into the next turn helps establish a rhythm that feels as natural as a waterfall.

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