2023 Rossignol Sender 104 Ti

Ski Stats

Sidecut 138/104/128
Radius 18m @ 178cm
Lengths 180,187,194
Weight 1900g @ 187cm
MSRP $799.95
Power Score: 8.07

Finesse Score: 8.32

There are several clear signals that the Rossignol Sender 104 Ti isn’t meant for the same skier as its big brother, the Sender 106 Ti+. While the only difference in their sidecut is the 104’s narrower waist, that’s about where the similarities end. The first hint that they aren’t equals is the plus symbol attached to the fatter ski. It’s meant to imply that there’s an extra dose of Titanal in the slightly more expensive ($100) 106, as indeed there is. But the 106 Ti+ also sports other embellishments that make it preferable for an expert who knows how to charge the fall line. As important as Titanal is to ski behavior, it only covers so much territory, as neither model runs its Ti laminates from tip to tail. The end-to-end element that governs both skis is a weave of carbon and basalt fibers; on the Sender 106 Ti+ the combination dubbed Carbon Alloy Matrix is richer in carbon, so the ride feels more cushioned throughout and remains calm at higher velocity. The basalt-biased blend in the Sender 104 Ti, called Diago fiber, serves the same purpose but with less pronounced shock damping for the skier who isn’t pouring on the gas. To adapt the top Titanal laminate to the less aggressive target skier, Rossi trims the Ti down 2mm on the sides, so it doesn’t reach the edge, and limits its longitudinal reach to just past the binding. Two millimeters may not sound like much, but keeping the Titanal away from the sidewall allows the latter to flex, mellowing the connection to the snow. Concentrating the Titanal underfoot keeps the swingweight down, for easier swiveling, and lowers the overall mass so the ski feels more nimble and easier to foot-steer. While the Sender 104 Ti’s extremities are fairly loose, the grip underfoot is confident and secure. For the Finesse skier for whom it is intended, the Sender 104 Ti is a better ski than its beefier bro.

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