2023 Rossignol Sender 94 Ti

Ski Stats

Sidecut 128/94/118
Radius 19m @178cm
Lengths 156,164,172,178,186
Weight 1800g @ 178cm
MSRP $699.95
Power Score: 8.29
Finese Score: 8.52
Like most of the models that populate the All-Mountain East genre, the new Sender 94 Ti from Rossignol is a variation on a theme established either by a wider ski or a much wider ski. Basically, AME models are predominantly shrunken Big Mountain models, so it shouldn’t surprise that that the Sender Ti 94 prefers its snow soft and wouldn’t mind if it were deep. It’s geared to be accessible to the occasional skier who wants an all-terrain ski with a mellow temperament. “It’s an ideal weekend warrior ski,” notes Mt. Rose freestyle coach Alex O’Halloran, “not a full-charger’s ski.” The Sender 94 Ti’s amply tapered and rockered tip is meant to buffer the blows of uneven crud fields, so it’s never going to find the top of a carved turn like a Technical ski. But when it does hook up, somewhere around the logo on the forebody, the Sender 94 Ti is simplicity itself to steer. As long as there’s enough loose snow to engage the base of the ski, the Sender Ti 94 tracks confidently through thick and thin. The Sender 94 Ti is part of a complete reorganization of Rossi’s off-trail offering into three distinct families: Sender, Blackops and Escaper. Escapers are for backcountry escapades, Blackops are lavishly decorated, New School twintips in narrow, medium and jumbo widths and Sender (Rallybird for women) serves directional skiers who hunt lift-served powder pockets. The star of the series is the Sender 106 Ti+, a perfect match for the strong, skilled skier who knows how to send it. The Sender 94 Ti isn’t for that guy, but it is the right ski for the skier who wants to be that guy, but needs a little more help to get there.
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