2024 Blizzard Sheeva 10

Ski Stats

Sidecut 133.5/102/122.5
Radius 15.5m @ 168cm
Lengths 156,162,168,174,180
Weight 1735g @ 164cm
MSRP $799.95
Blizzard’s Sheeva 10 optimizes the best qualities of Blizzard’s latest freeride technology, FluxForm. Introduced across six new models, 3 Rustlers for men and 3 corresponding Sheevas for women, Fluxform deploys Titanal in a different fashion than was last used in these models’ 2023 iterations. Instead of a single, truncated top sheet of Ti, FluxForm concentrates its Ti laminates directly over the edges, in strips that run nearly tip to tail. In the center of the Sheeva 10, roughly where the Ti plate was last season, is a women’s-specific platform that helps distribute force evenly underfoot without the heft of metal. This redeployment of Titanal is the major reason the new Sheeva 10 feels more stable from end to end, but it isn’t the only reason the latest version feels at once smoother and more powerful. The other major contributor to the Sheeva 10’s stellar handling is the switch to Blizzard’s carefully crafted TrueBlend core. TrueBlend combines slender tendrils of dense beech interspersed with lightweight poplar and Paulownia in a precise pattern that is adjusted for every size.  Note that the new Sheeva 10 offers six different sizes on 6mm splits, so women can dial in exactly the right length, which is key for maneuverability in off-trail conditions. No lift-served mountain received more snow last season than Mammoth, giving the ladies at Footloose Sports ample opportunity to essay the Sheeva 10 in the conditions it was meant for. “Really fun on piste,” exulted one of the Footloose faithful. “Easy to bend into different turn shapes, good edge hold yet easy to release the edge.”  Another impressed Footloose filly opined, “Overall, a nice upgrade from the older model - loved the additional stiffness in the tip. Lots of fun at high speed and handled the variable snow really well.”  A tester from Sturtevant’s of Sun Valley concurred that “the new metal configuration makes the tips less chattery. Very fun!”
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