2020 Rossignol Soul 7 HD

Ski Stats

Sidecut 136/106/126
Radius 18m @ 180cm
Lengths 164,172,180,188
Weight 1900g @ 180cm
MSRP $850
The one traditional ski trait that is still largely absent from today’s ski market in general and the Big Mountain category in particular is rebound. Before rockered baselines became standard equipment on any ski meant for powder, the end-to-end camber line of an all-glass ski created a giant spring. In the down-up-down weighting rhythm then in vogue, the skier de-cambered the arch of the ski at the apex of the turn and allowed the stored energy in the glass to recoil and send the skis and skier back near the surface to transition to the next turn. Skis without any rebound stayed submerged, where the tips would inevitably cross, dooming their owner to ignominy. Ten points to the first reader who guesses which classic characteristic is so intertwined with the identity of the Rossi Soul 7 HD it could be said to own it. The Soul 7 HD is the Prince of Pounce, the Raja of Rebound, the Powder Porpoise – you get the idea.   As long as it has snow to settle into, it provides a ride that’s as effortless as powder skiing gets. Take away the medium that gives it life, and it does as well as a dolphin on a dock.

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