2021 Dynastar Speed Zone 4×4 82 Pro

Ski Stats

Sidecut 130/82/112
Radius 16m @ 179cm
Lengths 164,171,179,185
Weight 2150g @ 179cm
MSRP $1000
Power Score:
Finese Score:
The American skier’s ongoing infatuation with fat skis has so distorted our collective notion of what an all-terrain ski should look like that we no longer remember the days when the best skiers’ everyday ride was a race ski or something similar. As recently as the late 1990’s, a ski as wide as Dynastar’s Speed Zone 4x4 82 Pro would have been regarded as a powder-only behemoth. The 20/21 4x4 is attached to the Speed Zone family, but it’s actually a separate breed. In keeping with the overall trend to lighter skis, the 4x4 82 Pro uses a multi-material core with laminated beech providing the primary structure and a band of polyurethane (PU) between the wood and the outer sidewall. The PU adds a dampening element as well as being lighter than the wood it replaces. For a ski with a race lineage, the 4x4 82 Pro is oddly more in its element off-trail than on, as it transitions from a carve to a scrubbed turn without a hitch. Peter Glenn’s Steve Parnell was impressed by its versatility as he navigated through a melee of spring conditions at Squaw Valley. “Went from groomed to crust to powder today. This one will make your day. Made it all easy.” A well-balanced ski with nearly equal scores for all performance criteria, it should have a broad appeal across all ages and abilities.

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