Power: A+
Finesse: A+
19.3m @ 177cm
1945g @ 177cm

Stöckli Stormrider 105

Every so often we receive a digital test card from a citizen that is detailed, accurate and composed with an obvious affection for the subject ski. These notes from Skip Ely read like an exceptionally well-informed ode to what makes the Stöckli Stormrider 105 the Power potentate of its category. Skip begins with the standard observation of all who essay the Stormrider 105. “No speed limit,” he declares. “They will scrub speed and smear in pow and crud but they really want to be on edge at speed, even in off-piste crud – or especially then. For a ski that can be pushed hard without faltering it’s surprisingly forgiving when the operator chooses to relax for a bit. Easily transitions from G-force Super G style arcs to rapid (for a 105 wide) edge-to-edge GS radius turns. Can be slid around well-formed bumps effectively. But in the end they reward the skilled pilot who pushes his upper limit, carving at Mach speed through any off-piste conditions.” Thanks for writing this review, Skip. All you left out was some speculation as to what makes the Stormrider 105 so smooth and quiet at speed, no matter where you send it. While it’s a mistake to attribute all of a ski’s finer qualities to one design element – a ski’s behavior is determined by everything that goes into it – a large part of the Stormrider 105’s imperturbability comes from the way Stöckli tapers the thickness of the top and bottom Titanal sheets. How else to explain its silky turn entry, unshakeable turn mid-section and fluid turn finish? A rubber insert in the tail that allows it to twist certainly helps smooth out turn transition, and Stöckli’s unique means of applying a minimal glue layer between laminates makes the entire chassis less brittle, so the Titanal isn’t the only element that puts a premium on smoothness at speed. “Powerful GS turns,” opines Pete from California Ski Company. “No speed limit. Felt stable at Mach ∞.” It’s not just the raw speed that’s so enthralling, but the ease at which the Stormrider 105 attains it and puts it to use fashioning turns short enough to nip into couloirs and long enough to plunder open bowls. “Killing it!!!,” exults the more exuberant than usual Bob Gleason of Boot Doctors. “Surprisingly nimble ski for its waist size. The cross breeding of quickness, agility, and stability is in a class of its own.”

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