Power: A+
Finesse: A
15.8m @ 168cm
1485g @ 161cm

Stöckli Stormrider 85 Motion

Some of the best female skiers in the world have been carrying on a long-term love affair with the Stöckli Stormrider 85 Motion. Women who aren’t in the position to marry one still seek it out once a year during demo season for a wild fling. Just a few minutes in its presence creates an indelible impression one can’t wait to restimulate. Testers who are accustomed to how a Stöckli Laser series model connects to the top of the turn will consider the rockered Stormrider Motion to be loose in the shovel, but most skiers won’t notice any slippage. Once settled into the arc, the Motion is tranquility itself, and its third-best aggregate score for Rebound/Turn Finish attests to its power through the turn transition. Astute readers will note that there’s something a bit odd about the 2019 Stormrider 85 Motion’s measurements. All the lengths have changed in a sizing downshift that’s a better fit with the female skier population. Once the decision was made to made to optimize the size range, Stöckli took a second look at sidecut and settled on a uniform shape (129/85/113) that’s spot-on for the new size run. Experienced hands could instantly tell that the ski they adored was intact. Two years ago, Steph Humes from Jan’s penned this paean to its prowess: “Solid and confidence-inspiring. It holds, wants more, and can handle whatever terrain comes its way. You can butter your turns or charge it. Damp enough but has a nice feel.” After her annual encounter with the 2019 Stormrider 85 Motion, all the besotted Ms. Humes could utter was, “love, love, love.”

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