Power: A+
Finesse: A
19m @ 177cm
1690 @ 177cm

Stöckli Stormrider 88

Nothing else skis quite like a Stöckli. The combination of limitless power and cushioned ride is so intoxicating that Stöckli skiers often become addicts, unable to even look at another ski. The following review, submitted by a citizen tester, captures not only the spirit of the new Stormrider 88 but the rabid enthusiasm of its fans. “There must be a GS race ski inside this all mountain east charger.   It will not wash out no mater how hard you push. Grip is fantastic on firm, early season white ribbons, but it comes to life when pushed off piste whether its chalky backside bumps or day-old, chopped-up crud, they just go. They float and smear like you expect from a 88mm waist with a tiny bit of rocker. Surprising from a ski so powerful when driven by skilled operator it does not punish that same operator for relaxing a bit on the way back to the barn after a day in the back. Carves through soft, well formed bumps but can be a handful in large hard close bumps; they prefer being on edge to skidding around.” That’s a mash note if I ever read one. It also happens to be accurate. If the new Stormrider 88 feels smoother than ever, its due to a switch in sidewall material to Polywall, which alleged is ten times more impact resistant than the norm and is a better shock absorber. To make the Stormrider 88 any smoother, Stöckli will have to figure out how to make a liquid ski. Serenity at speed in all conditions comes at a price, and in the case of the Stormrider 88 the price is almost as impressive as the ski. But as one tester noted, after duly mentioning its smoothness, “This ski is worth the price.”

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