Power: A+
Finesse: A+
17.2m @ 175cm
1760g @ 175cm

Stöckli Stormrider 95

The one condition that separates the best All-Mountain West skis from the merely excellent is crud. It’s the dream of perpetual powder that drives the category – there’s no other reason to have a ski this wide – but the reality is uncut powder is over and done within the first few minutes after any big mountain’s opening bell. Then you have to navigate a wildly variable condition that continues to deteriorate hour by hour. The skis no longer have a clean surface to plane over and the tracked –up terrain tugs them in multi-axis directions. The only way to prevail is to gun it, which on a weak reed will feel like very bad advice. The Stöckli Stormrider 95 gets it. It knows that the winning strategy is to pummel crud into submission. You don’t have to pick a line, for the Stormrider 95 will create its own path through the rubble. All the pilot has to do is move his feet across the fall line and otherwise remain calm, poised and aimed downhill. Not everyone is constitutionally equipped for this exercise. If the idea of blazing down a 40-degree pitch covered in total crap sounds more insane than idyllic, there are plenty of Finesse skis in the AMW genre to serve you. But for those who revel in busting through wind berms, there’s only a fistful of models that feel comfortable in the chaos of high-speed crud skiing. The Stormrider 95 is arguably the best in the world at this game. Take away all the powder and replace it with hardpack and the Stormrider 95 transforms into a GS ski, reeling off long-radius turns that are as secure as a Swiss bank account. To enhance maneuverability in all conditions, this year’s Stormrider 95 completes a weight-loss program that began two years ago. Stöckli has perfected a means of tapering a Titanal laminate so it thins out as it extends to tip and tail. Called Titec Technology, it was applied to the bottom Titanal layer two years ago; for 2020, the top sheet got the same treatment, paring a few more grams off the SR 95’s mass and making the extremities a bit softer. It still runs through crud as if it were chiffon, it just feels a little easier to maneuver. Also new for the coming season is a switch in sidewall material to what Stöckli calls Polywall, a more impact-resistant material that also serves as a supplemental shock dampener. The new sidewall and Ti top sheet tapering contributed to an uptick in our panelists’ already lofty Power and Finesse scores for the latest iteration of the Stormrider 95. Skiers seeking the edge of the SR 95’s performance envelope are hereby cautioned that their goal may not be attainable. As Ward Pyles from Peter Glenn jotted on his card, “if you want to haul and get excited about pushing the limits of the ski, it responds to the challenge with pleasure.”

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