2020 Rossignol Super 7 HD

Ski Stats

Sidecut 140/116/130
Radius 20m @ 188cm
Lengths 172,180,188
Weight 2100g @ 188cm
MSRP $900
Power Score:

Finesse Score:

Rossignol’s 7 series began a decade ago with a model that was 115mm underfoot and abundantly rockered tip and tail. In its first incarnations it had no metal, which contributed to a loose ride on groomers but great flotation and ease in the soft snow for which it was intended. Later on in the 7 series’ long trajectory came the Super 7, which at the time meant Rossi incorporated Titanal laminates into its lay-up, making for a more stable platform. By the time the Soul 7 appears in 2013, the Super 7 shed its metal, getting its energy from a long and responsive camber pocket. The entire 7 series stepped up in power and responsiveness when it adopted Carbon Alloy Matrix, a grid composed of carbon and basalt fibers. The Super 7 HD went through a gamut of renovations over a 3-season period that changed its baseline (less rocker), tip design (more integrated, less mass) and appearance (terrific rack appeal). What didn’t change is the Super 7 HD’s primary personality trait: a spring-like rebound that is perfectly tuned to the rhythm of a powder run.

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