Power: A+
Finesse: A
12.5m @ 163cm
1482g @ 163cm

Head Super Joy

Head was the first major brand to jump on board the carving revolution, and it continues to invest a little more shape than the norm in every recreational ski it makes. The Super Joy is the top pure carver in Head’s Joy collection of women’s skis, with a tidy 12.5m sidecut radius that could make slalom turns in its sleep. Unlike the top carvers in the men’s Frontside fold, the Super Joy is almost insanely light. It can weigh almost nothing and still earn better Power scores than most skis in the genre because of its unique carbon, Koroyd and Graphene composition. Three hundred times stronger than steel for its weight, Graphene can be tactically deployed along the ski’s length to modify flex and rigidity, creating all the support lightweight skiers need.

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