Power: A
Finesse: A
2068g @ 179cm

Line Supernatural 100

Line turns 25 this year, still young by old guard Euro brand standards, and still able to speak directly, eye-to-eye and bong-hit-by-bong-hit, with today’s alienated youth. Rebels define themselves by what they are not, and in the case of the slacker rebels Line rabble-rouses, the list of things they’re not into is long: Super-carving on groomers. (Super-carving in pow is allowed and is totally awesome.) Color-matched outfits, unless it’s ironic. Ski lessons that involve drills. Any other ski lessons. (Narrow skis.) Ski fashion. Stories that begin, “You should have been here…” Any racing that involves missing actual skiing. Any waiting for anyone on a pow day. The Man. You get the idea. Based on this partial list, you’d think every Line would be twin-tipped, center-mounted and only operable by someone who started shaving in the last five years. But Line is in fact sneaky technical. Most of its models are decidedly directional, use a rear-of-center mounting point and possess at least a small dose of camber underfoot. Line has been making non-twin, in-resort skis for years. If you look in the back of granddad’s ski locker you might see a pair Prophets, wonderful, easy to flex skis that used a cutout metal laminate for stability. The spirit of the old Prophets lives on in the Supernatural series, headlined by the Supernatural 100. It’s a surfy ski with a spine of Titanal lattice that gives it adequate grip on hard snow and, more importantly, keeps it on course in set-up crud.

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