Power: A-
Finesse: A-
17.7m Average
1950g @ 179cm

Line Supernatural 92

Given Line’s anything-goes ethos, you might expect the Supernatural 92 to be twin-tipped, center-mounted and more likely to drift than carve, but you’d be wrong on all counts. As an all-glass ski with 4mm of camber underfoot, the Supernatural 92 is a showcase for what this uncomplicated construction can do: pounce from turn to turn, the glass behaving like a coiled spring when pressured, zinging the skier across the fall line and setting up the next turn. A powder ski that secretly loves to carve, the Supernatural 92 responds to light pressure and low edge angles, making it perfect for lighter skiers. Just because Line markets to the young doesn’t mean its skis won’t also perform for the 50-year old adolescent.

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