2017 Line Supernatural 92

Ski Stats

Sidecut 131/92/118
Radius 19.6m Average
Lengths 165,172,179,186
Weight 1954g in 178cm
MSRP $750
Power Score: 8.04
Finese Score: 8.08
Most ski manufacturers wouldn’t regard “fun” as a technical term, but it’s a precise appellation for Line, as it fits both the personality of the brand and the attitude of the more carve-y of its all-mountain collections, the Supernatural series. The Supernatural 92 gets its unapologetically playful personality from a cambered baseline that gives its mostly glass structure a spring-like quality that pounces turn to turn. There’s just enough metal laid down the ski’s middle to give it more grip on hard snow without dulling its agility. This combination of shape and structure creates a ski that’s surprisingly comfortable whether driven with a feather-light touch or a lead foot.

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