2021 Head Supershape e-Titan

Ski Stats

Sidecut 133/84/115
Radius 15.7 @ 170cm
Lengths 156,163,170,177,184
Weight 3175g @ 170cm
MSRP $1200
Power Score:

Finesse Score:

Of Head’s four Supershape models, the one that underwent the most telling transformation for 20/21 was the e-Titan. It’s not just that the e-Titan has plumped up to a 84mm waist; it’s also been trimmed down at tip and tail. By taking some of the shape out of the sidecut, the e-Titan has become more adapted to uneven terrain and even powder, while the e-Rally remains an unadulterated carver. To put it more plainly, the e-Titan is more at home in a big-bellied GS arc while the e-Rally is genetically inclined to SL turns. Comparing the new e-Titan to the Titans of yore, the latest issue feels smoother flexing and easier to compress at less than rocket speeds. Reducing the core profile underfoot and making the middle of the ski softer allows it bend more fully, unleashing the e-Titan’s flawless grip. The flex pattern is matched to the sidecut and baseline of each length to achieve a more fluid, balanced flex pattern that makes skiing feel as natural as walking. Some carvers can be finicky – they’re wonderful to ski as long as you do it according to their definition of what’s right. But the shallower sidecut of the e-Titan makes it more open-minded. Pick a turn shape, any shape, and the e-Titan can dance to it. Pretty much anyone can hop on a pair and have fun as its slick blend of carving power and drift-ability opens up the bottom end of its ability envelope as well as ungroomed side of the mountain.

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