Power: A+
Finesse: A
13.7m @ 170cm
2190g @ 170cm

Head Supershape i.Rally

My favorite story about how Head engineers went about optimizing Graphene – carbon in its most elemental form, a matrix of the hexagonal atom a mere one atom thick, or deep, or wide or however you want to measure something so infinitesimal – in their Supershape series of carving skis. Having already made a collection of women’s skis from scratch using the new material, the Head R&D team knew they could use Graphene to tinker with flex distribution with minimal effect on mass distribution. The logical thing to do, particularly as skis like the i.Rally weren’t famous for being light, was to trim down the core and thin out the metal laminates to make a more accessible carver for the masses. So what did Head do? Just the opposite: it thickened the i.Rally’s top and bottom sheets of Titanal and widened them all the way to the edge, then built up the core profile for good measure. I remind you that the i.Rally Head enhanced was already the de facto standard setter in the genre, not some weak reed in dire need of a power boost. Like all the Supershapes, the i.Rally already had piezos in its tail section that when vibrated produce an electric pulse used to power a microchip which in turn tells the ski’s tail feathers to stiffen up. Point being, the i.Rally was a wickedly powerful machine before its most recent upgrades; the 19/20 edition generates enough power to illuminate the Vegas Strip.

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