Power: A
Finesse: B
14.1m @ 170cm
2231g @ 170cm

Head Supershape i.Titan

The only Frontside ski with a more scalloped sidecut than Head’s Supershape i.Titan is its near twin, the Supershape i.Rally. As their names announce, these skis take the concept of carving on a continuous edge as far as technology will take it. The i.Titan’s trifling concession to contemporary tastes is a soupçon of early rise; otherwise, it’s is designed to hook into a turn early and hang on to the last possible microsecond. The 80mm i.Titan is the widest of the Supershape series, but it doesn’t ski wide. What the skier notices about the fattest shovel in its class isn’t its girth per se, but how it pulls the skier into the turn with the inevitability of a whirlpool. The i.Titan’s turbo-charged tail sends the skier through the turn transition with such energy and accuracy, entry to the next turn is a fait accompli.

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