2022 Head Total Joy

Ski Stats

Sidecut 134/85/113 g @ cm $750
Radius 13.8m @ 163cm
Lengths 148,153,158,163,168
Weight 1545g @ 163cm
MSRP $750
Two seasons ago, the Joy family of women-specific carving skis underwent the same sort of across-the-board transformation that the Kore series experienced this year. Head’s justifiable focus on Graphene, carbon in a one-atom-thick matrix - that allows Head to tinker with flex in ways previously unimaginable - makes it sound as though the ultralight Total Joy were made of synthetics and pixie dust, but it’s actually grounded in an all-wood (Karuba and ash) core, with carbon, fiberglass and lighter-than-pixie-dust Graphene providing structural support. Its ultralight insides aren’t all that’s unique about the Total Joy.  It’s also the maven of a covey of carving skis, and it’s built more for on-piste edging than off-trail smearing. In this respect the Total Joy is the Kore 85 W’s polar opposite. Its mildly rockered, multi-radius forebody itches to find an edge, and its deep-dish sidecut wants to hold onto it like it like it was a long-lost child. It’s ideal for an accomplished frontside skier who occasionally dabbles in off-trail pursuits.

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