Power: A
Finesse: A
13.6m @ 170cm
1740g (with plate)

Head V-Shape V10

By increasing sidewall height at the extremities, Head made the V-Shape V10 softer underfoot. This allows skiers who don’t visit the gym on every off day to bend a high performance carving ski. Complementing the easy-bowing action is a subdued rebound, like a slingshot in slow motion. Agile enough to negotiate most mogul fields, the V-Shape V10 would prefer not to, as it’s forte is continuous carving, as in top to bottom. This all but mandates an even carpet as the skier’s canvas, rather than the rough-and-tumble of off-trail terrain. Lighter weight skiers, like the chic Danielle Goldsmith from the shop that bears her name, will find the V-Shape V10 to be “fast, with incredible edge grip. Feels like a GS with an 85mm waist,” she notes.

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