2019 Liberty V76

Ski Stats

Sidecut 126/76/106
Radius 15m @ 179cm
Lengths 165,172,179
Weight 1800g @ 179cm
MSRP $850
The new Liberty V76 resists easy classification. It certainly has the shape to qualify as a pure carver, but lacks the my-way-or-the-highway attitude. It’s also missing its own plate and binding system, passing on the opportunity to add damping and standheight. Its baseline, on the other hand, is pure Frontside, almost fully cambered and made to stay connected with snow. Its average score of 8.63 for the principal Power properties attests to its technical capabilities. The behavior that earned the V76 a succulent 9.0 for Forgiveness/Ease is its large performance envelope and therefore suitability for a considerable slice of the skiing public. It transitions from short, sinuous tracks to medium to long without the slightest indication it prefers one over another.

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