2020 Liberty V92

Ski Stats

Sidecut 133/92/120
Radius 17.5m @ 179cm
Lengths 172,179,186
Weight g @ 179m
MSRP $950
Last season represented a sort of coming out party for Liberty, a small brand that had carved out a niche as a bamboo-and-carbon specialist with a knack for making lightweight wide-bodies. Then they figured out how to industrialize the integration of an aluminum strut into their wheelhouse construction, trimmed down their usual silhouette to something more svelte and boom, they elevated to a whole new level of performance. After having skied two generations of Vertical Metal Technology models from Liberty, two global qualities standout. One, every sinew of the ski seems dedicated to maintaining snow contact. If the modestly rockered tip deflects upward for a microsecond, the struts manage the moment so the edge underfoot is never perturbed. Two, all the VMT models require zero adaptation on the part of the pilot. Don’t worry about loading the tip or exaggerating edge angles. Just ski from a centered stance with whatever means of angulation floats your boat. The V92 will hold an edge no matter how you stand on it. Because the V92 is so open-minded, it’s an ideal match for someone who hasn’t bought a new ski in ages, wants the benefits of new technology but doesn’t want to re-learn the sport.

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