Atomic Vantage 90 Ti

The new Atomic Vantage 90 Ti is built on a minimalist frame called Prolite that works hard to keep the weight off. Noticeably lightweight both in the hand and on the foot, it feels more agile than its 18.m sidecut radius (@176cm) implies, with a particular facility for negotiating moguls. Bob Gleason of Boot Doctors hails it as “a great bump ski, smooth and clean in shorter turns and very predictable. A Jan’s tester pegs the Vantage 90 Ti as a “fun, lightweight ski that’s good for a lightweight skier. Very versatile and easy to maneuver, it did whatever I asked of it, although it was soft torsionally for my size.” Several testers commented on its willingness to change turn shapes on the fly, with the only limitation being stability on edge on hard snow at high speed.

Full Review with test scores available on members’ site.

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