Power: A-
Finesse: B
16.4m @ 175cm
2000g @ 175cm

Atomic Vantage X 83 CTi

Atomic’s Vantage X collection is a predominantly Frontside family with its design roots in off-trail technology. The lightweight componentry pilfered from the off-trail Vantage series’ top models are Titanium Backbone 2.0, the main stabilizing element in the base of the Vantage X 83 CTi’s laminate lay-up, and Carbon Tank Mesh, which plays a similar role where it resides just below the ding-repellent topsheet of nano TPU. The Vantage X 83 Ti’s Firewall sidewall is radically sloped at the extremities to reduce swingweight and resist twist, but squared up underfoot for amplified energy transmission. All these elements translate directly to the on-trail objective of an unwavering edge at speed.

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