Power: A-
Finesse: B
17.2m @ 173cm
2000g @ 173cm

Atomic Vantage X 86 CTi

Like most Frontside skis, the Vantage X 86 CTi features an almost fully cambered baseline, with only a smidgeon of tip rocker. Unlike most Frontside skis, it has a fairly narrow tip (121.5mm) and an overall slender silhouette that suggests it doesn’t like to stray far from the fall line. When you fire this arrow downhill, it proves to be responsive, smooth and above all, light. Compared to other skis with a carve-centric attitude, the Vantage X 86 CTi feels like it weighs next to nothing. Because it doesn’t have a lot of beef on its bones, the Vantage X 86 CTi feels easy to bow and maneuver without much effort, making it a good Power ski for a Finesse skier.

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