2017 Head Venturi 95

Ski Stats

Sidecut 140/95/126
Radius 16m in 181cm
Lengths 161,171,181,191
Weight 2089g @ 181cm
MSRP $600
Power Score: 8.45

Finesse Score: 8.17

The most prominent impression left by the Venturi 95 is of smoothness that remains unruffled no matter where it’s led. It holds an edge even when there’s no surface to edge into. When all semblance of softness has been pounded away, the Venturi 95 doesn’t bat an eye but continues to spool off medium-radius arcs as easily as a Vegas dealer spins out cards. The Venturi 95 pulls off this neat trick by using a proprietary design that adheres a matrix of shock-sucking elastomer covered in a fiberglass shell to both the tip and tail. This feature is to shock what black holes are to light.

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