2017 Head Worldcup Rebels i.SL RD

Ski Stats

Sidecut 119/66/104
Radius 12m @ 165cm
Lengths 156,158,165,168
Weight 2098 @ 165cm
MSRP $1175
Power Score: 9.14
Finese Score: 8.21
For 2017, Head has incorporated the miracle material Graphene™ – carbon reduced to the irreducible one atom – into the i.SL RD’s make-up. One might be forgiven for thinking that adding Graphene would ipso facto reduce the ski’s weight, but racers aren’t looking for lighter skis, but ones with perfect flex distribution. Because of its absurd 300-to-1 strength advantage over steel, Graphene strengthens the ski as well as stiffens it, an important feature among fragile slalom race skis.

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